Exercise To Keep Fit Or To Lose Weight?
(Please read this - it look me bloody ages to write haha)

If I asked every single one of you the above question the majority of you would have ‘To Keep Fit’ in the back of your minds but
would probably say ‘To Lose Weight’ because you think this is what you have to do by default due to everything we read in the Media.

The Media highlights over and over again: weight loss – You cannot turn a page in a magazine or scroll through online Daily Mail
without seeing the media criticizing celebrities ‘overhang’ in a bikini or a bit of cellulite on tiny Cheryl Cole!

Then there are articles on celebrities who have lost weight/have found their 6-pack!
And all of this has some sort of effect on our self-image; Then there are companies that take real advantage of this and very cleverly
manipulate everyone into a ‘Quick Fix’ – ‘Meal Replacement Shakes’ or ‘Juice Diets’ -
Swapping FOOD for JUICE is NOT healthy!! This is where malnutrition, eating disorders & YoYo dieting occurs.

Now I can see why we would focus on weight loss because extra weight is somewhat difficult to hide – to look at someone you
can’t tell whether they are Fit until you see them in an exercise class, in a gym or just out road running or running
up and down the stairs after their kids! But you can tell whether someone is carrying extra weight just by looking at them so everyone initially
thinks they need to change their outside appearance but if your mind set was to focus on Fitness and Exercise
over weight loss and ‘Diet’ then you’d get much better results in both terms of Health, Fitness & Looks!

Society is biased against fat people – Generally people see someone who is slightly larger and automatically think they are unhealthy
although they are probably more fit and healthier than someone who is slimmer than them – everyone comes in different shapes and sizes –
Although some people are naturally more Endomorph (Blocky, big rib cage, wide hips/joints/stocky “big boned” as they say, slow metabolism,
muscles not so defined, round physique, ) they probably exercise 5x more and eat a lot less junk food than someone who is naturally more Ectomorph
(small ‘delicate’ frame, small shoulders, lean muscle mass, hard to gain weight, fast metabolism) so then society makes us obsess about our weight;
If the media wrote articles on/and we all spoke more about how far we can run or how many sit ups we can do in a minute over
how summer is coming up and we want to get a ‘bikini body’ then we would stop obsessing over losing weight and become more active with a healthier
obsession of keeping physically fit and eating right over restricting your calorie intake and losing weight.

We automatically put stress on our body before you even do some form of exercise because a big part of you is exercising to burn fat more than
to get/keep Fit and if you don’t work hard enough you’re stressing about whether that pasta dish you consumed today has been burnt off or not!
So scientifically what happens is – Your brain instructs your cells to release potent hormones where you get a burst of adrenaline
which taps stored energy – at the same time you get a surge of cortisol and what cortisol does is it tells your body to replenish energy even
though you haven’t used very many calories – it also encourages the body to store fat.

Becoming fitter makes weight loss a lot easier and maintainable – So no matter what shape or size you are – if you are coming to classes and enjoying the exercise
but not seeing any ‘weight loss’ then this is because you’re stressing too much on losing weight but the thing is, it’s not about weight loss!!
I want you all to come to classes ready to kick ass and have a great time! Shake your bootie and be bloody proud because you rocked
out an extra burpee, squat or star jump than you did last week because your fitness is improving!!
Not because you HATE the thought of exercise and don’t want to be there but feel you HAVE to be in class because you want to fit into a size 8 pair of jeans!!
Exercise has an endless list of benefits but I want you to come to class because each week you’re seeing improvements health wise:
- You’re getting stronger
- You’re getting fitter
- Improving coordination
- Strengthening your heart
- Reducing risk of diseases/diabetes/obesity,
- Improving self-esteem/confidence
- Reducing stress/lift your mood
- Making friends!
- Strengthens your bones
- Improves posture
- Lowers high blood pressure
- Eases joint pains
- Decreases osteoporosis risk
- Increases energy
- Increases endurance
- Improves Balance
- And the list goes on!!
Reducing body fat and fitting into an old dress is an added bonus!!

Of corse I’d like to think that one day society will change but first everyone needs to change their mind set.
I want you to get into your head that you are bloody beautiful! Curvy or not, you’re all individually stunning or your uniqueness! No one is the same!
Learn to love your body because there is nothing wrong with it! Learn to love exercise and make it a priority to become
healthier and brilliant you’re toning up! A lot more sexier than seeing your rib cage. Learn to love yourself and workout
because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good, not because you think you need to look like Michelle Keegan!!!

Now if I asked you whether you came to class to improve fitness or weight loss what would you say?


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