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Christmas Fruit Flapjack Buns

**I've Been Making These Very Yummy Healthy Banana, Seeds & Cherry Oat Flapjack Snacks
In Place Of My Merry Christmas Cards To All My Lovely PILOXING Ladies -
I've Already Had A Few Of You Ask Me For The Recipe!! So Here It Goes**

To Make 10:
150g Porridge Oats
80g Cherries
2x Handful Of Seeds (I Bought The Tesco Mixed Seed Pack With Pumpkin, Sesame & Sunflower Seeds)
1x Large Banana (Use 2 Bananas Or 1 1/2 Banana If It's Fairly Small - This Helps Bind The Mix Together)
1 tbsp Honey
2 tsps Vanilla Extract
125ml Coconut Milk (You Can Use Almond Milk If You Prefer)

- Place The Seeds On Tinfoil & Grill For 60-80 Seconds
- Measure Out Oats & Place In A Bowl
- Cut Up Cherries & Put In With Oats
- Seeds Will Be Ready To Pop In The Bowl Now
- Give It A Bit Of A Mix - Make Sure The Cherries & Seeds Are Evenly Mixed Within The Oats
- Mash Banana(s) With Fork Or Potato Masher & Place In Bowl
- Chuck In The Honey, Vanilla & Milk
- Mix It All Together Until Binded
- I Put My Mix In Bun Cases (Using A Dessert Spoon) But If You Prefer,
Greaseproof A Tin & Spread It Out To Then Cut Up Like Flapjacks
- Place In The Oven On GasMark 2 For 40 Minutes
- Because It's Christmas I Added A Snowflake On Top With Fondant Icing (Little Bit Of Sugar Very Naughty!)
BUT, These Are A Great Healthy Snack & Extremely Yummy!!

All Natural Sugars & Great Energy Boost Before/After Exercise! Give Them A Go & Enjoy <3 !!


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