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Fruit Muesli Bars

**My Homemade Muesli Treat Bars**

1) Start By Slicing 2 Bananas & Cut Each Slice Into 4
2) In A Saucepan Add 120ml Of Maple Syrup (You Can Use Honey Or Agave Syrup If You Prefer), 2 tsp Vanilla Extract,
3 tbsp Smooth Peanut Butter & Simmer Over Heat, Stirring Until Mixed Into A Thin Paste Texture
3) Add 3oz Rolled Oats, Banana & 4oz 'Eat Natural Gluten Free Toasted Muesli With Buckwheat' - They Do All Sorts Of Cereals
The One I Used Had Buckwheat, Sunflower Seeds, Sultanas, Coconut, Raisins, Crisped Rice, Pumpkin Seeds, Linseeds & Linseeds;
You Can Buy Others Which Have Nuts & More Dried Fruit Such As Apricots In Them.
You Could Even Buy All The Ingredients Yourself But I'm Lazy & Just Bought The Cereal Pack :D
4) Continue To Stir Until Binded Together & Spread Evenly In A Baking Tray
5) Bake For 16 Minutes On Gas Mark 4 & There You Have It!! Yummy Healthy Muesli Bars <3 You'll Love Them!

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