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Peanut Butter Fudge

**Energy Boost Before My Class This Evening :) Decided To Make These Healthy Peanut Butter & Apple Fudge Squares!
Using All-Natural Ingredients, These Are Sooo Yummy!! All Good Fats – You Can Still Treat Yourself…The Healthy Way :)!!**

Check Out My Recipe Below:
- 8oz Peanut Butter (I've Used Smooth But You Can Use Crunchy!)
- 6oz Natural Honey
- 1x Small Apple Or Half Big Apple (I Used A Pink Lady Apple But Again, Entirely Upto You!)
- 10oz Rolled Oats
1) Peel & Grate Your Apple
2) Scoop Peanut Butter In A Microwavable Jug & Microwave For 70-80 Seconds
3) Remove From Microwave And Stir In The Honey, Then The Grated Apple
4) Finally Stir In The Rolled Oats
5) Spread Evenly Into A Baking Tray & Place In The Oven for 6 Mins On Gas Mark 3
7) Let It Cool For 10 Minutes & Then Place In The Fridge For At Least An Hour & 15 Minutes
8) Cut Into Squares And MUNCH :) (I Managed To Cut 30 Squares Out Of Mine)
>>Replace The Apple With Another Fruit Of Your Choice, ie. Cherries Or Banana (Remember To Cut It Up Ever So Tiny)<<

Yes, Honey Contains Sugar But It's Unrefined Sugar (Natural Sweetener That Has Antioxidants and Is Free Of Fat & Cholesterol)
Peanut Butter = The Good Fat!! - It Is Full Of Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fat, Fibre & Protein!
Oats Are Also Full Of Fibre Which Helps Fill You Up Quicker And For Longer So You
Won't Need Any More Than 2 Fudge Pieces!! You'll Feel Like You've Had Your Treat And Won't Over-Indulge :) ENJOY!! <3


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