Firstly - Please take a moment to read my article on my Blog page 'Exercise To Lose Weight Or Keep Fit?'

In order to sustain a healthy lifestyle you must simply exercise and eat healthy. There is no quick fix.
There are so many Fad Diets going around these days, everyone just wants to lose weight fast but the truth is, there is NO quick fix!
By going on these fad diets you are causing more harm than good to your body. Cutting out ANY food group is NOT healthy for you!

If any 'Diet' claims you can lose rapid weight loss, says you have to cut out a food group or tells you o cut calories then this
is not going to sustain long term. If it seems too good to be true then don't go there! Seriously I have been on very many silly
FADs in my time and replacing meals with juices or shakes was one..I have lost extreme weight .. but it wasn't lose water
weight, glucose and muscle..fat will then be burnt off by the body in order to keep it functioning however  as soon as I went on the holiday that I
lost the weight for & went back to my old eating habits, my fat cells filled right up again which then makes it even harder to burn the
fat off again because my body goes into starvation mode and wants to store it encase I decide to restrict my diet again!

This doesn't only mess with your body but also messes with your self-esteem because you can't sustain the weight loss and so it's a vicious
cycle of.. What diet can I do next? The 1/11? The South Beach Diet? The Zone Diet? The Atkins Diet? The Paleo Diet?
Cereal Only Diet? Juice Diets? Shake Diets? The Alkaline Diet? The Soup Diet? The Baby Food Diet? Aloe Vera Gel Diets?
The Grapefruit Diet? The Chewing Gum Diet? The 900 Calorie Diet? Omg and the list goes on and on and on..and you know what makes
it worse? That celebrities put their name to silly diet pills or fad diets just for a bit of money and everyone thinks oh..
well if that worked for 'so and so' then it must work! No it does not!

All of these Fads ask us to remove certain foods and often an entire food group from out diets which results in
some sort of malnutrition.

The secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to look at your old eating habits..what are you snacking on? How big are your
portion sizes? By making tiny changes, your body will react in a healthy manor and with regular exercise, the weight
will gradually come off - it won't happen in a week! You have to stick to your lifestyle changes and be patient.
No food group is bad for you - it's the choices you make. So keep carbohydrates in your diet, just swap white for brown!
Check how much sugar is in 100g of whatever you buy! If it's more than 22.5g you need to put the packet back on the shelf.
Your body needs dairy! Just opt for goats cheese or mozzarella over mature cheddar! Your body also needs fats but again check
the packet and if more than 17g in 100g then put it back on the shelf! Consume plenty of veggies and fruit and reward your body
with nutritious  yummy foods! Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day followed by a hearty lunch and a smaller dinner.

Ditch the yo-yo effect and empower yourself with knowledge and make small changes that will last a lifetime!

Below are recipes for some meal ideas and also some treats! Just because you're making healthier choices doesn't mean you
can't treat yourself with some healthy goodies! Get baking & here's to a healthier lifestyle!
















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