There is so much love for this transformation right now! I shed the happiest tears when this stunning picture of Kate!
In her tight floral dress looking absolutely gorgeous and healthier than ever <3
This picture was taken just before Woman Of The Year Awards where Katie was runner up!!!
This girl is
one in a million! With Slimming World & Exercise Katie Is Just 1lb off her 8stone goal!!!!
Katie joined me and Piloxing when I launched in Wadebridge Aug 2014 - She was one of my most dedicated clients; turned up to class every week no matter what -
Her determination was endless! She would even turn up with a stinking cold, tissues and still kick butt !! This girl gave no excuses & never gave up!
I am proud to say I started Katies weight loss journey with her and completely overwhelmed to have seen her fitness levels progress and body shape
change as the weeks went by - I'd always glance over at her with the biggest smile on my face when I saw she jumped that tiny bit higher
or did double the reps she did the previous week!
Unfortunately she could only stay with me until Xmas as she went back to work after maternity leave and her shifts clashed with my classes :(
 We were both absolutely gutted however we kept in touch; I was over the moon to have her to come back to us when I started my morning classes & Katie still continued
 Slimming World and is now proud to flaunt that she is only 1lb away from her target of 8stone!!!!! It has taken her just over a year to get to achieve her fitness goals!
 I have complete admiration for this beautiful lady and proud hardly covers it - Amazing achievement and one hell of an inspiration to everyone including me!
This girl is just as beautiful as she was in the picture before; Her current picture just shows a stronger, more confident and healthier lady!

I Am Truly Speechless From This Lovely Ladies Transformation!! Just Look At This Beautiful Before & After Picture.
Trish Started My Classes Back In January 2015; She Was Unhappy With Her Weight, Wanted To Improve Her Nutrition
& Most Importantly Improve Her Fitness Levels. I Have Seen Trish Grow With Confidence & Fitness Agility Over The Last 6 Months
From Standing At The Back Of The Class, Taking Regular Breaks & Using Her Inhaler Throughou
t To Now Bouncing Around
Non-Stop At The Front Of The Class Hardly Touching That Inhaler With Everyone Behind Looking At Her And Thinking
I Want To Keep Up With Her!! I Am So So Proud Of You Girl!! Like Trish Everyone Has To Start Somewhere As Did I
But She Is Proof That With Hard Work & Dedication Your Fitness Goals Can Be Achieved;
Not Only Has She Lost Over 3 Stone But Most Importantly She Has Gained Confidence, Improved Her Fitness Levels To
The Point Where Her Asthma Hasn't Gone Away But Is No Where Near As Bad As It Was 6 Months Ago,
She Understands Healthy Nutrition (Still Has Her Cake & Treats ;) ) & Of Corse Made Some Long Term Fitness Friends <3
You Truly Are An Inspiration Trish & I Couldn't Be Happier For What You Have Achieved, I Have Seen Your Amazing Journey & It Makes
Me So Proud To Have Been A Part Of That! You Come To The Front Of Class Every Week, With This Beaming Smile On Your Face,
Lifting Those Knees Higher & Punching A Little Harder Each Week; Even During Triple Monday Classes - She's Still Smiling After Over
2 Hours Of Exercise Pushing Herself & Constantly Improving Not Only In Fitness But In Body Form Making Sure
She's Always Getting The Most Out Of Our Classes! She Will Continue To Eat Well & Keep Up Her Fitness
By Attending VFC Classes As She Has Never Enjoyed Exercise Or Stuck To Any Classes Until She Joined VFC :) <3

Kirsty Has Been With Me & PILOXING Since I Launched Back In July/August Last Year.
She Never Enjoyed Exercise & Hadn't Stuck To A Class Until She Tried PILOXING.
She Attended One Class A Week But As I Introduced More Classes She Attended Twice A Week & By Christmas
She Had Dropped A Dress Size (THAT MEANT CLOTHES SHOPPING!!)
When I Started My Padstow Class This Year 2015 She Attended 3 Classes A Week!
She Has Continued To Lose Weight & Tone Up With Regular PILOXING Classes & A Normal Family Diet;
No Fad Diets, No Shakes, Detoxes Or Pills Just Pure PILOXING & Healthy Nutrition
But Still Enjoyed Her Takeouts & Cake Every Now & Then!!
I Am Extremely Proud Of Kirsty - She Stands At The Front Of The Class & Puts 110% Into Every Single Workout!
She Has Inspired Others; I Have Had Ladies Say That They See How Much Effort Kirsty Is Putting Into The Workouts;
With Her Enthusiasm She Motivates The Girls To Push Themselves Even Harder During Class!!
She Is Definitely An Inspiration & Although She Has Reached Her Fitness Goals She Still Continues To Attend Class
To Keep Fit, Have Fun & Inspire Others! Iím So Proud Of You Girl, Well Done Lovely!!
You Are Beautiful In Your Before Picture & Still Are Just As Beautiful But Looking A lot Healthier & Fitter <3


Lisa Has Been Attending My Classes Ever Since I Launched PILOXING Classes Back In August 2014.
She's Been Coming To My St Eval Classes & When I Launched My Padstow & North Coast Fitness Classes She's Been
Attending Twice A Week As Much As She Can; Aswel As Taken Up Running She Has Dropped 17lbs (1 Stone, 4lbs) !!
This Is Such A Great Achievement & In Her Own Words "I Am Super Chuffed Getting Back To The Weight I Used To Be.
Just Got To Keep It Off Now!!!" <3 & I'm Sure She Definitely Will Keep It Off! This Girl Is Dedicated!
Lots Of Love For This Before & After Picture :í) Well Done Lisa, Iím SO Proud Of You;
You Always Turn Up To Class With Lots Of Energy & Give It Your All, Putting 110% Into Your Workouts!

I Want You All To Meet The One And Only Inspirational Sarah!!
She Started PILOXING With Me In January 2015 & Then Started A Second Class..My Kickboxing Aerobics In February.
With Healthy Eating & Regular Exercise Sarah Has Dropped 60lbs!!!! She Has Worked So Hard & Looks Absolutely Amazing.
Sarah Still Hasn't Finished There Though! Her Goal Is To Drop Another 12lbs And Tone Up Her Tummy Which I Know
She Can Do In No Time!
It Has Been Overwhelming To Have Been Part Of Her Fitness Journey Where I've Watched Her Shed Over 2 Stone With The Help Of My Classes
And Although She Hasn't Been To Class For A Few Months Due To A Foot Injury She Has Stuck To Exercise At Home & Is
Planning On Coming Back So I Can Kick Those 12lbs Off Her Butt! :)
I'm Looking Forward To Re-Joining Her Fitness Journey & Cannot Wait For Her To Hit Her Next Goal!!

**This Is My Transformation**
With Hard Work, Motivation & Determination You Can Achieve Anything!!
Your Body Can Achieve Anything - It's Your Mind You Have To Convince!
I Understand What It's Like To Be In A Position Where You're Unhappy With Your Weight
Which Is Why I Became A Fitness Instructor! To Help Others Achieve Their Goals!
I'm Living Proof That Beneath All Those Excuses Is A Strong Person Who Can Achieve Their G
oals Too!
You Just Need To Get Your Butt Off That Sofa & Become More Active :)
It's A Longgg Process - Change Isn't Going To Happen Overnight. It Took Me MANY Years To Get To Where
I Am Today & I Had Noone To Help Me; I Am Here To Help You! <3
Everyone Has Ups & Down - I Binge On A Box Of Malteesers, Tub Of Ice Cream & Crisps
But That's One Bad Day, You Wake Up The Next Day And Carry On! Never Give Up!
You HAVE To Fail To Succeed! And I Am Here With You Every Step Of The Way!
I'm Not Going To Shout At You & Yell Work Harder; I Just Want You To Show Up,
Take Part In Class & Work To Your Own Agility; If You Need To Step Out Every 10 Minutes Then Do So -
The Most Important Thing Is That You Have Made That Very First Brave Move To Change Your Life :)
Book Into My Class Today, Become More Active <3 It Will Be The Best Thing You Ever Did!

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