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I’m Tara! A Qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Founder Of Versatile Fitness Choice And I’d Like To Share My Journey With You All
At The Age Of 16 I Was At My Heaviest! Over 13 Stone, Binge Ate & Had A Sick Note For Every PE Session! I Was Really Shy, Had Zero Self-Esteem Or Confidence. I Was A Little Unique With My Style In School & Boys Can Be Really Really Mean With Their Words Which Lead To Alot Of Emotional Eating.
I Realised When I Made A Purchase For Size 18 Clothing At The Age Of 17 I Had To Do Something About My Weight.
So I Made A Purchase! An Exercise DVD! I Came Home From School/6th Form One Evening..Shut Myself In The Front Room & Attempted This DVD. I Had To Take My Asthma Pump Twice…I Was Only 10 Minutes In…And I Had To Stop & Go Shower! I Was Bright Red In The Face & Extremely Out Of Breath… That Was Just The Warm Up 🙈 But I Didn’t Let That Discourage Me. The Following Evening I Tried Again Attempting An Extra 5 Mins…Then Another 5 Mins The Next Day…And A Bit More Every Day After That Until I Managed To Complete The Entire 60 Minute Workout! 💪
As I Got Fitter, I Noticed I Wasn’t Taking My Asthma Pump As Much. I Was Buying Smaller Clothes. I Felt Healthier! I Was Happier! I Was Really Starting To Enjoy Exercise & It’s Amazing Benefits! So I Decided To Get A Treadmill (Basically Dad Wanted Me Out The Front Room 🤣)
I Taught Myself To Run & Eventually I Was Running 3 Miles Non Stop Every Evening 🥳 And My Asthma Was Completely Cured!
But Then It Started To Become Unhealthy…I Became Obsessed With Being Skinny. I Don’t Really Know What Happened. One Minute I Was In Size 12s Really Confident & Happy Then The Next..I Was In Size 8-10 Feeling Extremely Self-Concious. Hated What I Saw In The Mirror..This Lead Me To Running A MINIMUM Of 6 Miles – 10 Miles Every Single Day! All Whilst Juice Detoxing For 7 Days At The Beginning Of Each Month. Some Months 10-14 Days! If I Knew I Was Going Out With The Girls Of A Weekend I Would Starve Myself All Day Friday & Saturday So I Didn’t Feel “Fat” In My Dress. I Didn’t See It At The Time But I Was In a Dark Place.
Friends Started Complimenting Me & Asking Me To Help Them Lose Weight. So I Did! I Encouraged Them To Exercise & Help Train Them To Run 💕 And It Was The Most Rewarding Thing 🥰
My Obsession With Running To Be As Skinny As Possible Just Wasn’t Enjoyable Anymore. But Running With Friends & Helping Them Achieve Their Goals Made Me So Happy!
So From Here, At The Age Of 22, At My Most Unhealthiest Weight Of 8 & Half Stone I Was Encouraged To Look Into Fitness Courses.
I Went To College, Trained To Become A Fitness Instructor, Left My Admin Job & Went Self Employed! I Remember Our First Practical & The Aerobic Stuff I Was Fine With But As Soon As I Had To Attempt My First Push Up/Sit Up I Face Plant Failed 🙈🤣 I Had Zero Strength! I Had Never Done Any Bodyweight Exercises & This Gave Me A Whole New Goal! I Focused On Becoming Stronger Rather Than Skinny. I Am Now Doing Something For Others! This Is No Longer About Me. I Need To Be In Better Shape Not Just Physically But Mentally If I Wanted To Help Others Achieve Their Fitness & Nutrition Goals.
7 Years Later & I Have Not Only Built An Incredible Business, Helping So Many Beautiful People Take That Scary First Step Towards A Healthier, Happier & More Confident Person 💕 But I, Myself Am In The Most Happiest Place, Although I May Be 4 Stone Heavier, I Am Comfortable In My Size 12 Skin!
My Job Saved Me 💕 I No Longer Have Body Dysmorphia & It Cured My Unhealthy Obsession With Endless Running & Starving Myself In Order To Fit Into “Society”.
I Actually Enjoy Food! Eating Nearly 3000 Calories A Day To Fuel My Body For Activity! My Physique Is Completely Different To 7 Years Ago! I Incorporate Strength Training Into ALL Of Our Sessions Which Has Not Only Sculpted My Body In A Completely Different Way But I Have Physical Strength I’ve Never Had Before 💪 And I Wouldn’t Ever Change It! Because Busting Out Endless Burpees, Push Ups, Squat Jumps, Tucks & Right Hook, Jab Crossing & Shaking My Bootie Singing Along, Woop Wooping With A Group Of Inspiring Women Every Single Day Makes Me Feel At My Absolute Happiest, Strongest, Fittest & Completely Empowered!
Please Don’t Let The Scales Define You & Don’t Buy In To Any Of These Fad Diets.
Uneducated, I’ve Been There & It’s A Really Sad & Lonely Place To Be.
I Now Have All The Nutrition & Fitness Knowledge To Help You Achieve Your Goals The Right Way.
So Please Let Me Help You
💕 1-1 Or Fitness Classes, Both Will Improve Your Lifestyle.
We Have A Group Of Very Inspiring Ladies & Men Of All Fitness Abilities, Ages, Shapes & Sizes.
You Will Be Made To Feel Completely Welcome.
I Really Hope My Story Inspires You & Helps You To Look At Food & Exercise In A Totally Different Way & Encourage You To Join The VFC FitFam 😘

My Fitness Journey



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OCR Level 2 & YMCA Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology
CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructing
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YMCA Level 3 Personal Trainer
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