Combat STEP Aerobics
Taking You Back In Time With 80s/90s Music With This Low Impact Dance Box Kick Aerobics Class Using A STEP!

In This Class You Will Use A 6” Platform Aerobic Step Where You Will Perform Every-Day Functional Training Exercises Like Walking & Climbing Up The Stairs By Following A Simple Choreographed Routine Stepping Up, Down & Around The Step With Easy To Follow Boxing/Kicking Combat & Dance-Like Aerobic Patterns To Boost Your Heart Rate & Strengthen Your Muscles.

The Workout Is Mostly Low Impact As The Majority Of The Moves Keep One Foot On The Ground Which Makes This Class Kind/Gentle On The Joints.
You Will Have The Option To Increase Intensity By Adding A Little ‘Bounce’ To Your Step & The Option To Increase The Height Of Your Step But Also The Option To Follow The Class On The Floor Only Using The Step When You Feel Comfortable Which Makes This Class Suitable For ALL Levels Of Fitness, Beginners To Advance As I Will Show You How To Tailor The Class To Your Level.
This Class Is Set To High-Octane Sing-Along 80s/90s Music & Is Super Fun!
Be Prepared To Sweat, Get Out Of Breath & Completely Sculpt & Tone Your Entire Body!
As You Can Guess, Stepping Up & Down On The Platform Will Fully Strengthen & Tone Your Legs, Butt & Thighs But Also Strengthen & Tone Your Stomach Muscles As Your Core Muscles Will Have To Assist With Balance & Stabilization As You’re Stepping Up & Off The Step.
The Boxing Element Will Help Strengthen & Tone Your Arms, Back & Shoulders.
If You Have The PILOXING Branded Weighted Gloves Please Bring These To Assist With The Arm Toning & Resistance But Again..This Is Optional.

Suitable For All Levels Of Fitness! From Beginners To The Advanced;
No Matter Your Fitness Level, Age, Shape or Size, This Class Is For Both Men & Women!
£7.00 Per Session.