Kickboxing Aerobics
The Most EPIC Fun You’ll Ever Have In Any NON-Contact Boxing/Kicking Aerobics Class.



 To Top Charting Sing-Along High Energy Dance Music You Will Follow Easy-To-Follow Simple Choreographed On The Beat Punching & Kicking Hip Shaking Funky Aerobic Combinations –

Made Up Of Punches (Jabs, Uppercuts, Hooks, Elbow Strikes Etc) & Kicking (Front Kicks, Back Kicks, Roundhouse Kicks), Bob & Weaves, Speedbags, Butt Kicks, Squats, Jumping Jacks, Speed Rope & More!

You Can Follow The High Or Low Options At Your Own Pace Still Feeling Like You’re In Time With The Group But Just Working To Your Level Building Up Each Week.

Prepare To Sweat, Smile, WHOOP, Burn Major Calories & Completely Sculpt Your Upper & Lower Body Through Fun Non-Stop Hip Shaking WOOOOOing Movement.

Please Wear Trainers.

Bring A Sweat Towel & Plenty Of Water.

Optional: 1/2 lb Weighted Gloves To Add More Resistance To The Arms & Boost Your Heart Rate. You Can Pick Some Up From The Studio For £20.00 If You’d Like To Incorporate Them.

Suitable For All Levels Of Fitness! From Beginners To The Advanced;

No Matter Your Fitness Level, Age (16+), Shape or Size, This Class Is For Both Men & Women!

£7.00 Per Hour Session.