Lift N Tone
Barbell Pump & Sculpt!

A Great Low Impact Alternative For Improving Your Overall Cardiovascular Fitness Without The Jumping!

Using Your Bodyweight, A Bootie Band & A Standard Two-Hand Barbell With Your Choice Of Light To Moderate Weight Plates Attached To Both Sides This Muscular Endurance Class Will Improve Your Cardio Strength, Fitness And Completely Sculpt, Define & Tone Your Entire Body.

Like A Standard ‘Exercise To Music’ Aerobics Class You Will Lift To The Beat Of The Music Using Low Weight But High Reps At A Specific Pace Without The Jumping For A Challenging All Over Body Muscle Focused Workout.

Training Against A Resistance Increases The Heart Rate & Boosts Your Metabolism Helping You To Burn Fat For Several Hours After The Sessions Has Finished.

As We Get Older We Lose Muscle Mass (30+) & For Those Experiencing Menopause Will Cause Levels Of Certain Hormones To Decrease Such As Oestrogen Which Reduces Bone Density & Increases Muscle Loss Which From A Health Perspective Puts You At Risk Of Health Conditions Such As Osteoporosis & Bone Fractures & From A Aesthetics Perspective Slows Down Your Metabolism Therefore Makes It Easier To Gain Weight Around The Midsection.

All Types Of Exercise, Aerobic Exercise Included Are Beneficial To Maintaining Strong Healthy Bones But Strength Based Exercises In Particular Specifically Helps To Support The Muscles Around The Joints Keeping Them Stable, Strong, Reduces The Risk Of Injury & For Those Who Struggle With Common Daily Joint Discomfort Such As Shoulder, Hip, Back & Knee Pain Providing You A Natural Pain Relief.

Suitable For All Levels Of Fitness! From Beginners To The Advanced;
No Matter Your Fitness Level, Age (16+), Shape or Size, This Class Is For Both Men & Women!
£7.00 Per Session.